Le Thierry is an Hermès boutique hotel located in the French countryside outside of Paris in Barbizon. This hotel is a category extension for the luxury brand Hermès into the experiential luxury sector and more specifically the hospitality industry. A hotel is a natural extension of the core brand element of Hermès, which is travel. The hotel will be a monument to the brand heritage and a living history of the brand itself. The hotel will be a significant undertaking, but we feel it will be successful in the long run. 


Our design challenge stems from the recent revelation that luxury consumer maintain higher expectation of service when purchasing luxury and premium goods. This is to say, that through every touchpoint consumers expect a seamless elevated omnichannel experience, which is true to and consistent with the brand’s core values. For the purpose of this project, our design challenge focused specifically on improving and elevating the in­store customer experience within the personal luxury and premium goods sector. The personal and premium luxury sector refers to the following product categories: leather goods, jewelry, watches, apparel, fragrances and cosmetics, and accessories. 

Integrated Brand Analysis: St. Regis Hotels and Resorts